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Special Assessments

Sports vision:

Whether you are weekend warrior, a school athlete, or a professional, superior tracking, focusing and eye coordination skills will allow you to succeed above the average player.

Come in for a sports vision assessment to see how we can assist you in achieving your maximum performance.

Traumatic Brain Injury:

Brain injury can result in symptoms of double vision, disruption in eye movements and focusing, and serious eye health complications.

We provide assessments and remediation programs to help you manage and/or eliminate such visual disruptions.

Perceptual/Learning difficulties:

An in-depth assessment of tracking, focusing, eye coordination skills, and visual perception will assist your child and their success in school. Vision therapy remediation is also offered as a treatment if deficiencies are found.

Click here to see if your child has any of the signs/symptoms that could indicate vision problems affecting his/her learning.

Double Vision/ Strabismus:

If you have difficulties seeing double, are cross-eyed or have an eye that turns, or a lazy eye, the first step is an in-depth assessment of your eye coordination or binocular vision.

Treatment options include patching, vision therapy exercises and occasionally surgery.

Learn about Strabismus