Whether you’re off on your holidays for a weekend ski trip to Banff, or to lay on a warm tropical beach, it is important to take along the right pair of sunglasses.  But which tint should you choose?

Neutral gray tints filter all wavelengths evenly.  They are best in bright direct sunlight.

Bronze tints are great for full sun to overcast days.  They are a high contrast lens that is excellent for colour-enhancement and will give you a warm, subtle bronze tone.

Green tints provide high transmission for those times when most lenses would be too dark.  They allow for incredible depth perception with colour enhancement and contrast.

If you want a soothing tone, chose a rose tint.  It is a very comfortable lens colour as it relaxes the eye muscles.

Most sunglasses are offered in either non-prescription and prescription lenses and can be customized to your preference.  Ask one of our friendly eyewear specialists at Mayfair Eye Care which option is best for you.