Whether you are studying for a test, or pulling a long day to get an assignment completed, how can you maintain top performance when your eyes are sore and tired, and you are starting to get a monster headache?

Good posture:  Make sure you are maintaining good posture and working distance from your book (14 – 16 inches) and computer screen (finger tip distance)

Good lighting:  Do you have enough light?  Watch from glare from secondary light sources.  A window should be at your side, not in front or behind you.

Visual rest breaks:  Follow the 20/20/20 rule.  Take a visual rest break every 20 minutes of close work, looking greater than 20 feet away for at least 20-30 seconds.  Look out the window at something in the distance to relax your focusing system.  Every second break (40 minutes), get up and stretch.  It is important every 2 hours to take a proper 15-minute break.  Incorporate movement into your break; it helps your focusing system relax 3-4 times faster than if you just sit there.

Take a breather:  After a long day of reading or computer use, go for a walk or spend some time at the gym.  It will keep you physically fit and functioning at peak performance for both your body and your visual system.