Setting up a computer workstation properly allows your eyes and body to function at their best.  This assists in reducing fatigue and eyestrain, and many of the other symptoms related to long hours of computer use. 

Follow these simple rules:

  • Chair height should allow for the feet to lie flat on the floor. A small stool under the feet may also give support if you have a child or shorter adult.
  • Chairs should NOT have arm rests unless they fit the person perfectly. Proper back support is also critical.
  • Desks should be at elbow height with enough space to allow for forearm support to prevent muscle strain.
  • The top of the monitor should be at eye level and at arm’s length away. You can lower the screen slightly as needed to a comfortable viewing distance.
  • Your eyes should be looking slightly downward angle at the monitor.
  • Your elbows should for a 90-degree angle, with your wrist straight to the key board.
  • Adjust lighting to reduce glare and reflections. Windows should be at either side, not directly in front or behind you.