September is the time for back to school for all ages.  College and university students have unique visual needs due to the larger size of the lecture halls and the many hours spent on the computer and reading textbooks. 

A comprehensive vision examination by Dr. Penny or Cornelson will make sure that you are:

Seeing clearly:  Uncorrected nearsightedness (myopia) can cause students to have difficulties seeing board or the front of the room.  Focusing difficulties can cause blurring when shifting your focus between the board and your notebooks.  Reading or computer lenses will give relief and provide greater flexibility. The new ‘blue coat’ for glasses absorbs the blue light from computer screens.  Blue light has been linked to permanent retinal damage, so minimize it before it causes damage to your retina.

Seeing comfortably:  Vision is not just about seeing clearly, you must also have comfortable vision.  If you are prone to sore eyes, headaches and visual fatigue you could be experiencing problems with your eye coordination, focusing or tracking skills.

A thorough assessment by our team at Mayfair Eye Care will ensure that you are prepared for your academic year.