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Frames & Lenses

Come and see us! We are Calgary's best dispensary experience, learn why here.  At Mayfair Eye Care we strive to enhance your quality of life through quality vision care along with the latest technology and large selection of frames and lenses. You will leave confident and in love with your new eyewear that is uniquely suited to your needs. 

Speak to our honest, expert frame and lenses specialists to learn which options would work best for you and find out why you need to buy your new eyewear at Mayfair Eye Care.

There is a variety of different lens types and lens coatings available.

Sports Eyewear:

Sports eyewear is designed to provide both protection and optimal vision for the wearer.

Most eye injuries occur in sports where players are in close contact with one another and involve pokes or jabs to the eye. These can lead to retinal detachments, corneal abrasions, fractured bones and even blindness.

Sports eyewear frames are made of polycarbonate or other high impact resistant plastics, designed to protect for 90% of eye injuries, and additional padding for comfort.


Protection from UV rays is one of the most important elements for keeping your eyes healthy and preventing and reducing progression of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

At Mayfair Eye Care, we can assist you to find sunwear that will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and look stylish. We can also make sunwear with your spectacle prescription in them.

Polarized lenses are another option for sun protection that reduce glare from flat reflective surfaces such as water or the road.These lenses are an excellent choice for water activities, driving, skiing, fishing, golfing and biking.

Safety eye wear:

Mayfair Eye Care is an active participant in the Occupational Vision Care Program (OVC) with the Alberta Association of Optometrists.

We carry a wide variety of Canadian safety approved eyewear and safety standard lenses. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate safety eyewear for your particular occupation.

Photochromic Lenses / Transitions:

These are lenses capable of darkening when exposed to UV light. When not exposed to UV light, the lens returns to being clear.

Some lenses will only darken when exposed to direct sunlight, while others can darken in low light or no light conditions.

Transition lenses are great lenses for those wanting to avoid the hassle of needing both prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.


Anti-Reflective Coating (AR Coating): helps eliminate glare, reflections and ghost images. The AR coating blocks light reflections from the front and back surface of the lens, allowing 99.5% of light to be transmitted through the lens. Not only does this mean that your vision will have greater clarity, but it will also enhance the cosmetic appeal of your lenses by making them nearly invisible. This coating is especially useful for driving at night, but does come standard in most lenses.

Scratch Resistant Coating: No lenses can be completely scratch proof. However, adding a scratch resistant coating to your lens creates a harder lens surface that will be more resistant to scratching. Scratches can interfere with the clarity and quality of your vision. Most lenses do come with a scratch resistant coating.

Blue-blocker Lenses:

Blue light radiation can be emitted from overhead lights and digital device screens (computer, tablet, phone). An increasing amount of research has come out on the harmful effects of blue light including damage to the crystalline lens (Cataracts), retina (Macular degeneration), and inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva. It can also cause visual discomfort by causing glare and eye strain. ‘Blue-blocking’ lenses block this wavelength of light to reduce visual discomfort and the harmful effects of blue light.

Designer Eyewear:

Come to our office to see our latest selection of trending eyewear for all ages.