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Meet the Vision Therapy Team

Dr. Penny- Optometrist

She believes that quality vision care enhances a person’s quality of life.

With both a degree in Optometry, and a Masters Degree in Educational psychology, she has a special interest and passion in working with children and adults who have visually related learning difficulties, tracking, focusing and binocular dysfunctions, and perceptual delays. Vision therapy and rehabilitation of these problems has been an integral part of her practice and career.

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Laura - Vision Therapist

Laura began her training with Dr. Penny and her own personal Vision Therapy Program and has been personally impacted by Vision Therapy and its benefits. After 27 years working as a vision therapist, she brings personal experience, excitement and sincere concern for all her patients with a drive to help them change their vision and ultimately change their lives.

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Lynne - Vision Therapist

Lynne's fascination with Vision Therapy began with her own vision struggles along with diagnosis of her son's binocular vision problems. Her own personal journey of vision challenges has educated her to have a great understanding of what Vision Therapy patients go through and the positive impact it can have on a child’s life.

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