The new year has arrived and a lot of us sat down to make our new year’s resolutions; lose weight, exercise, new haircut.  What about a new look in our eyewear?

A new pair of frames, and an updated prescription can take 10 years off your appearance.  When you visit our eyewear gallery, Lori our eyewear specialist, assesses many factors other than your prescription in helping you select your updated new look.

What is your personality?  Are you outgoing or more relaxed?  Do you need something trendy or more classic?

Are you in front of clients or customers?  Doing presentations?  Maybe you need a special pair for those special occasions.

What are your colour preferences?  Do you need a splash of colour on your face or something that blends?   What is your skin, hair and eye colour?  The right pair of frames can bring out those beautiful blue eyes or the colour in your cheeks.

Face shape also plays a critical role in choosing the right frame.  Most of don’t have the perfect oval face.  So whether you have heart shape or oblong, Lori will find the right one for you!

Start the new year with a new look!  Look great, feel great!