You can age gracefully and reap the rewards of good vision throughout your lifetime. Here are some simple secrets.

Unleash your inner beauty! Find a frame that suits both your style and personality. With the wide range of finishes, shapes and materials, let our fantastic optician Lori help you select your ideal frame. Progressive lenses can now be individualized to you to create fewer distortions and improve your quality of sight.

Protect your eyes! Blue light from digital devices such as your cellphone and computer can damage the retina. Make sure you have a blue-blocking anti-reflective coating on your glasses. Wear your sunglasses outside to protect from those harmful UV rays.

Eat a colourful diet! Anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals (so essential to eye health) are found brightly coloured fruits and veggies. Don’t forget omega 3- eat cold-water fish twice a week.

Annual eye examinations at Mayfair Eye Care will help keep you looking and seeing your best. You can now book your appointment online!