The weather outside is frightful…Fighting those winter blues

Our dry Alberta winter weather wreaks havoc on our eyes as well as our bodies. How can we combat those winter blues?

Fight dryness
    • Drink lots of water and decease caffeinated products such as coffee and tea which are natural diuretics.
    • Turn on the humidifier on the furnace.
    • Increase your intake of omega 3 by eating more cold-water fish each week.
    • Use artificial tears at least twice a day. Ask either Dr. Penny which one would be best for you
Protect your eyes from the reflected UV light
    • Wear a polaroid sunglass outside even on those cloudy days
Fight sore, tired and red eyes
    • Take a break from your contacts and wear your glasses more often
    • Make sure you have enough sleep
    • Use your artificial tears daily
    • Protect your eyes on the computer, also taking regular breaks

If you are having problems with your vision this winter, book an appointment with Dr. Penny.