Worried about wearing contact lenses due to stories such as getting lenses stuck in your eye or going blind from wearing them for too long? 

Well worry no longer!

Contacts are one of the safest forms of vision correction available, if proper care and wearing instructions are followed.

Always remember that contact lenses are considered a medical device, so commitment to proper care is a necessity to maintain your eye health. Annual vision examinations with Dr. Penny will ensure that you are seeing clearly and comfortably with your contacts, and that your eyes are remaining healthy.

Here are some general tips to make sure your eyes are in safe hands:

  • Always wash your hands before you touch your contacts or eyes to prevent transfer of dirt and germs that can lead to an infection.
  • Make sure to rub the contact lens in solution for 20-30 seconds on both sides in the palm of your hand to gently clean them every night before storing them in their case.
  • Store lenses in the provided case and change your solution every night. In the morning, rinse the case with hot water and let it air dry. Make sure to clean your case regularly, at least every 3 months.
  • NEVER reuse old or expired solution
  • NEVER use water on your lenses
  • Follow the recommended wear schedule as provided by Dr. Penny
  • If you’re in doubt about your eye health, come into the office. Remember, all visits for infections are covered by your Alberta Health Care!

Want to eliminate some steps? Perhaps consider switching over to a daily contact lens. Dailies are great for holidays whether you are snorkeling in Maui or hiking in mountains.