Are you reaching that ‘magical age’ where your reading material such as books, restaurant menus, or other daily tasks that require good near vision have become difficult? Do you have to bring out those pesky reading glasses to do these simple tasks? 

This is a result of a condition called presbyopia in which your focusing system becomes less flexible, and makes your near vision blurry.

Fortunately, these days we have multifocal contact lenses that offer the best of both worlds. They can correct nearsightedness and farsightedness in combination with a presbyopia near prescription, all in one lens!

Although more challenging to fit for the optometrist, and it takes a bit of time to adapt to them for most patients, these lenses can work wonders!

However, not all prescriptions are able to use to multifocal lenses so alternatively, Dr. Penny can also do a monovision contact lens fitting. This method uses one eye for distance vision, while the other eye for near. If the balance is just right, you will see both far away and up close.

Interested? Ask Dr. Penny about them at your next visit and see if this is a good alternative for you!