Dr. Penny has been in private practice in Calgary for nearly 40 years.

She strives to provide excellence in diagnostic vision care, with an emphasis on the individual’s personal needs. She believes that quality vision care enhances a person’s quality of life.

With both a degree in Optometry, and a Masters Degree in Educational psychology, she has a special interest and passion in working with children and adults who have visually related learning difficulties, tracking, focusing and binocular dysfunctions, and perceptual delays. Vision therapy and rehabilitation of these problems has been an integral part of her practice and career. Her experience and passion spreads throughout the clinic and many of the team members at Mayfair Eye Care share this same desire for enhancing people’s lives through excellent vision care.

Dr. Penny has been actively involved in her profession, serving as Alberta College Chairman, Registrar, and was the Chairman for the Canadian Examiners in Optometry for 4 years. She is still actively involved in giving seminars and lectures both in Alberta and neighbouring provinces, on “Vision and its Impact on Learning”, and the assessment and treatment of vision problems in the traumatic brain injury patient.