Vision Therapist

Jennifer started out in the optical industry as a Licensed Optician before she had her three beautiful children. As they were growing she started noticing that her eldest child was struggling with reading. That was when she was introduced to Dr. Penny and Vision Therapy. As she was working with her eldest, she saw similar symptoms in one of her other children and put her second child in Vision Therapy. When she saw how effective Vision Therapy was, she decided that this was the career path for her. Jennifer has always had a passion for helping others, but this was something very close to her heart and she felt that she could make an impact. The next time she came back to Dr. Penny wasn’t to bring another child in for Vision Therapy, but to apply for a job! Now that her children are grown and off to university, she is excited to be working with Dr. Penny and Laura in the Vision Therapy department and helping to make a difference in people’s lives.