Head Frame & Eyewear Fitting Expert

Lori’s experience and love of eyewear is hard to miss!  She is in love with eye wear, in love with helping you find your perfect eye wear and in love with one-to-one relationships that are made while patients find the perfect pair of glasses.  She has been in optical dispensing for nearly 30 years and brings that amazing level of expertise to every patient at Mayfair Eye Care. Some say that she is the best in the city. She is too humble to agree and will tell you that she just does what she loves; which is help patients to see, feel and look good one patient at a time.

Fashion is part of her lifestyle and so she ensures the eyewear selection at the clinic is a good mix of fashionable, practical, comfortable, brand name, budget friendly and top quality. Lori enjoys relaxing by indulging in watching Thai drama shows.