Have you ever been playing hockey, soccer or any other sport, and your glasses cause you more of a hassle than a benefit? Sometimes you may think it is better not to even wear them at all for fear of breakage. 

Contact lenses may be a great alternative for you to improve your abilities in any sport. They not only correct your vision usually better than glasses, but they also provide multiple benefits such as:

  • Better peripheral vision
    • The contacts sit directly on your eye providing a wider field of view and less vision distortion
  • More natural vision
    • Avoid unwanted image size change that glasses may produce
  • No slipping or falling of glasses
  • No fogging of the lenses
  • Better compatibility with safety equipment

If you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning your lenses or if you only do these activities once or twice a week, daily lenses are a great alternative for your convenience. Consider booking in for a contact lens fitting appointment with Dr. Penny to find what lens options may be available for your eyes.