Vision therapy or eye training develops, improves, and enhances a person’s visual performance.  Our programs are:

  • Customized to your specific visual problem
  • Personalized to your unique situation and responses
  • Realistic in the life / vision therapy time balance
  • Developed, supervised, and given by an experienced doctor and vision therapists who have over 60 years collective experience

Working together we also provide applications of these new skills into academics, sports and work.

Most of our office sessions are every three weeks, and use:

  • Therapeutic lenses, prisms and filters
  • Tracking exercises
  • Specialized optical equipment to develop binocular vision and focusing skills
  • Perceptual activities to develop visual memory, letter and number reversals, eye hand coordination and visual spatial skills.

We provide on-going assessment and re-evaluation throughout your therapy program, and when your program is complete we will provide you with a maintenance program, so you can monitor your vision over time.